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When you think of Thai food, you would think of the 'Hot and Spicy' taste and probably believe that all Thai food are very hot and spicy. That is a misunderstanding. More than 50% of Thai food are not hot and spicy at all.Our menu is full of variety such as appetizers,soups,vegetarian,Thai curry,Thai desserts and so on. You can select a chilli level if you anxious of a spiciness.


We recommend 'Thai tea',also known as Thai iced tea.Our Thai iced tea is an organic tea leaves option along with milk as well. If you would like to drink some beer we recommend 'SINGHA',it is a full-bodied 100% barley malt beer that is a premium Thai beer have distinctively rich in taste. We also have wine and soda.


If you don't want to DINE IN you can TAKE OUT instead.
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